Lower Adoptions Prices

Children are the next generation of life so every choice we make can affect them in a dramatic way. That’s why adoption can affect the kids that are orphans or in the foster program. It can determine whether a child is able to have a home, family and education. According to the US Department of Health and Human Services the cost for adoption can vary from $0 clear up to $50,000 and that’s not including a passport, visa, translator, an attorney that will deal with cross country adoptions, a visa for the child and more for international adoptions.

Money has been an issue with many people for years so having the price to adopt as high as it is is causing children to not get the support and love that they need in order to survive.

“Adopted children make up 2% of the child population” states the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute. They are losing a chance to get the food and care that they deserve. The Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute also states that “there are 153 million orphans without one or both parents and 17,900,000 in an orphanage or on the streets”. Some people may say that people should be able to take care of their own children, but some parents aren’t fit to be parents or their parents die or something else happened. Children should not be forced to live with someone who neglects them for no reason other than that some may say that, “they ruined my life so I can ruin their life as well.” People like that are exactly why there are so many children alone and being put up for adoption.

Children are also going without the proper education that they need to succeed in life. According to the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute 33% of children in the foster care system and waiting to be adopted they end up changing elementary schools five or more times. Because of that the children lose relationships with friends and eventually don’t even try to make friends because they know that they will just switch schools again along with falling behind in education. Foster children or orphans in an orphanage usually end up dropping out of school because they see no point in finishing. Education is one of the most important things.

Everyday there are less and less children getting a home. According the the Children’s Bureau from 2008-2012 the adoptions rates in the United States went down 18%. Just think of how many children are on the streets alone and afraid without food or water doing whatever they can to survive, but not being able to because they eventually die of malnutrition. No child should have to go through the pain of not not having a family or food because the government won’t fund adoptions. There already so many people that want to adopted, but aren’t able to because it’s so expensive. Even the the cheapest form of adoption can go up to $40,000+. Foster children waiting to get adopted on an average switch houses three time or more before getting adopted and others don’t even get adopted and when they are 18 are them homeless and have nowhere to go.

Just imagine seeing the look on a child’s face when they find out that they are getting a home with parents that love and care for them. That can happen more often if the government can find a way to fund adoption agencies. All those children living on the streets or in an orphanage with people who watch thousands of others kids will be saved. There are more and more children going without food, shelter education and a home, just by lowering the prices there will no longer be children fighting everyday to save there life and maybe even the lives of others in the same situation.


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