School lunches in America

America has been known for having one of the biggest population of obese people, and why is that. It all starts with the school lunch’s that they had. All those greasy pizzas and salty fries that they had did not help them. But, schools did start making the lunch much healthier over the year, sacrificing taste over healthiness, but that change didn’t stop the obesity. To stop the children from becoming obese one thing needs to happen, and that is the stop of unflavored and crappy healthy foods and the start of flavorful healthy foods.

School lunches are complained about amongst kids every day at lunch. They talk about the lack of taste and the amount of food they get. Making the school lunches healthier did not stop anything. According to Michael Gonchar and his report about school lunches  “Food and nutrition directors at school districts nationwide say that their trash cans are overflowing while their cash register receipts are diminishing as children either toss out the healthier meals or opt to brown-bag it.”

Kids are not going to want to eat healthy foods if they taste bad. That is why many kids are obese to this day. According to art institutes and there essay on obesity “An estimated seventeen percent of children and adolescents ages two through nineteen are obese according to the center for disease control and prevention.”  This is unacceptable for children to be so young and to be obese.  The children are being deprived of the ability to go out and exercise and have fun because they get to tired fast or they have a medical condition because of how unhealthy they are.  

The U.S. government knows that the children shouldn’t go Hungry, but they don’t

exactly care what goes into our mouth. When not feeding yourself properly with the right foods that we need, a student not only becomes physically unhealthy, but they also become mentally unhealthy and start doing worse in school. Children must get the right healthy foods that their body needs to function properly without the expense of making the food taste bad.

In conclusion school need to be making some changes starting with there taste. Some of the schools are trying to make what we know as good tasting foods but are leaving out all of the main ingredients like some butter and the flavorful sauces that usually come along with the food. As soon as we stop unflavored and crappy healthy foods and switch to flavorful healthy foods, kids will start wanting to eat their school lunches and get the proper nutriance that they need to function for they day, is the day that Americas population of obesity will decrease.


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