Caldwell Night Parade Will Bring Christmas Spirit

On December 14 there is a night-light parade for the whole family! This parade will start at  6 p.m. at Georgia Avenue and Blaine Street and continue down Blaine to Fifth Avenue. This annual events theme this year is “Christmas around the world”. This year, parking is not allowed on streets where the parade is because of the popularity of this event. Thousands of people flock to this event to see colorful, luminous floats. The floats of this parade will be created by local companies, businesses, and  organisations. there will be awards as well for the best floats and other categories (sponsor’s choice, best dressed, best use of lights and best demonstration of theme).

So what if I’ve never been to this event before? What will I see? Will my family have fun too?  Well first of all, it will be tons of fun. Imagine Lots of bright lights, lighting up the streets of Caldwell, people laughing, cheering and standing in awe at the very well-lit floats. Parents are encouraged to bring their children. It’s a way to kick of the Christmas season if, you haven’t already. Since popularity of this event was so great last year , streets where very crowded, the Caldwell chamber of commerce has suggested that instead of parking on the streets park in the parking the streets along the roads belonging to shops and other buildings. it is so that the floats and spectators have room, and to make the parade the best to all as possible.

Overall this event is an overall success, for the floats, and spectators. It has been going on for quite a few years now, and once you go once you will find that your kids will be dragging you back to go see it again next year. it is definitely a night of fun for the whole family with mesmerizing lights, and to kick of the Christmas spirit for this year.


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