Bad Breaking


National Meth Awareness Day in  Kaua‘i, high school.

(Dennis Fujimoto/The Garden Island)


What seems like an unimportant day is actually one of the most important to the youth of America. November 30th is National Meth Awareness Day. Schools across the country have dedicated this day to inform students the dangers of meth and what they can do so they don`t get addicted.

The Meth Project was established in 2005, by Thomas M. Siebel. He stated,”“The Meth Project is a large-scale prevention program aimed at reducing Meth use through public service messaging, public policy, and community outreach. Central to the program is a research-based marketing campaign and community action programs designed to communicate the risks of Meth use.”

In 2015, Marcia Lee Taylor, the president and CEO of the partnership for Drug-Free Kids stated,”Meth Awareness Week offers a vital opportunity to educate families and members of the community about the risks of this potentially lethal drug and help encourage teens to make healthy decisions without the use of drugs or alcohol.”. Schools today take personal responsibility to aware their students. In Montana, schools made the “Tools for Schools” project to make students aware of meth abuse. Then, Montana established the “Montana Meth Project” to decrease the rate of first time users of meth. In Montana, they saw a 63% teen meth use decrease and meth related crime has decreased 62%. This Meth Awareness Project led other states to join the project and saw similar results.  Even in Hawaii, the Meth Awareness Project is being taught. In Kaua‘i, high school students joined together by the waving campaign signs to form more than 800 students together for the Meth Awareness Day.

Meth Awareness needs to be spread so the youth of America know about the dangers and prevention to meth abuse. The youth of America needs to see the harsh truth of what it does to your health and mental state of mind. Schools and communities need to make their population aware of the abuses of meth and meth prevention.

In all of America, meth prevention commercials, ads, and posters have been hung and displayed. Meth messages can be heard from . This website gives you insight to what meth is made of, what it will do to your family and you, and what will happen if you continue to use. This website gives you news about meth and gives you things that you can do to get take action and speak up against meth.

The Meth Awareness Day is being spread around America. Will you take responsibility and join the cause?


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