Fidel Castro’s Death Affects the Whole Nation of Cuba




Friday, November 25, 2016 Fidel Castro, one of Cuba’s most renowned leaders, passed away at 90 years of age. Fidel Castro was the communist leader over Cuba for nearly five decades. So, Castro’s death had an emotional impact on many people.

Many Cubans are heartbroken at the fact that their leader is no longer with them, although slightly comforted at the fact that, Fidel Castro’s brother, Raúl Castro, has been the president of Cuba since 2008.But, no other president will be able to be like Fidel, ever again. Some Cubans feel that “The death of Fidel Castro has brought some relief”(The Guardian).  It gives them hope that they could possibly get free from the ruling of Fidel Castro has brought upon them. While others “[are] saddened at the loss of a man who has come to symbolize Cuba and its valiant resistance to foreign oppression.” Says The Guardian

Washington Post’s, Nick Miroff, states that the news of Fidel Castro’s death seemed to hit the “Cubans [who] dedicated their lives to low-paying government jobs that demanded absolute loyalty and discipline.” the hardest. Nonetheless, the government has warranted a nine day mourning period, to recognize Fidel Castro and how he has revolutionized Cuba.

Although Fidel Castro has died, many people believe that dictatorship and ruling of Cuba will not change right away. Anne Applbaum writes that there is “A hope that Castro’s death allows Cubans to finally confront their tragic past.” It took war and death in order for Castro to build the empire that he wanted, and because Cuba became a Communist country, they were never allowed to reflect on their past, which caused pain.

Many Cubans have overlooked this, and focused on the positives, like how, without Castro, it would’ve been very difficult to get an education past a high school degree, or a job beyond a small town, low income farmer.

Overall Castro’s death will have an everlasting effect on the whole nation of Cuba, and many other foreign alliances that Castro has built. He was adored by many, but also for “the Cubans who want change to come faster, and who are tired of the political divisions and tensions that Castro represented, there was a hushed sense of relief Saturday at the news of his death.” says Nick Miroff. Many don’t see political change happening as quickly as they are wanting, but there is definitely hope. His death is now written down in history, along with the many other events associated with his many years as president, and his path to becoming one. As a father, brother, husband and former president, even with those who have a sense of relief, Fidel Castro will be missed.

Picture: (CBS Photo Archive/Getty Images)


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