Girl Patriots

2016-2017 girls basketball photo ( Mrs. Nelson)

Over the years liberty Charter girls basketball team has been able to go to district, but has never made it to state. Last year the girls lost three of their best players, such as Erika a point guard, Ali a post, and Micaela who was also a post. Now the new point guard and posts has to step up to help their team out.

Liberty Charter School is a 1A school and the coaches for boys and girls team likes to have their teams play a 2A school, because they make liberty charter school basketball team better.

November 18th was liberty girls first basketball game against Glenn’s Ferry who is a 1A school. Liberty girls basketball team did not win the game, because they don’t really talk on defense and they also do a lot of turn overs, because they wont control the ball.

On November 19th the Liberty girls had another game against Melba a 2A School. According to Cory Hamblin the point guard For liberty Charter Girls teams Says “that they would have had a better shot at winning or getting close to winning if they didn’t have a game the next day after their first game”. She also said, “that since she was the only point guard it made her really tired since she had to guard the fastest girl on Melba”. If a player is getting tired the have the ability to tell their coach that they are tired, but they only can fight threw the pain if they want their team to win the game.

The two new post names Madison and Julia are taking over for the two posts that left last year, they may not be as tall as Micaela, but they sure can play. Cory Hamblin who is the only point guard since Erika left. She is suffering on the court without resting and plus not everyone can play four eight minute quarters. Cory needs to know If the girls wants to beat a 2A or a 1A team they have to know they can beat a 2A or a 1A team, if they work as a team, because that’s what sports are about working as a team. The girls also needs to know that they will have players and teams that are bigger than them, but they have to play bigger then the team they are playing against, because if they do that they will be able to control the game. The firs thing the girls need to worry about right now is to win games so they can make it to district. If they go to district the second thing they need to worry about is winning state. All they have to do is take one step at a time. Coach McCain is a great coach and he knows what he is doing and the girls need to know that. If a Coach can bring a team to district, that means they know what they are doing.


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