Lady Patriots Back to Back Games Against Marsing Huskies

This picture was published by the Idaho Press tribune last year when the Lady patriots took on the Marsing Huskies (Idaho Press Tribune)

‘Tis the season for competition, injuries, laughs, cries, the sports that everyone loves. Its Prime Time. The Liberty Charter Lady Patriots take on the Marsing Huskies on Friday, December 2, with an away game to start a weekend of back to back games. The Patriots will then take on the Huskies at their home gym, McKnight Bryant Center on Monday, December 5.

The Huskies had a very impressive season last year. They had won 10 games and had a conference ranking of 3rd. The head coach and activity director is Jake Dugger. This team puts in effort to train, equip, and get ready for their games. They know when to pull their head up and say, “Hey this isn’t what has to be done.” And they pull it into a different direction. Even if they don’t win, they use losses to make up for the next game.

The Lady Patriots had an outstanding season last year. They had won 20 games and had a conference ranking of 3rd. The Liberty Patriots have 1 head coach for Varsity, Brad McCain, 1 head Junior Varsity Coach, Hailee Shafer, and 2 assistant coaches, coach Haken and Coach Nikly. Each of these coaches have work tirelessly to make their teams stand together and unanimous. The team motto is “Win together, loose together.” Over and over it is repeated by the coaches,”It isn’t for the pay, it isn’t for the attention to make our selves look good, it is because of my team and how much dedication that they put into this program and how they are there for each other that we coach.”

This team represents what it means to be a Patriot and what it means to be not only a team on the court but a family.

These games will be close just like the game last season was. When the Lady Patriots and the Huskies went up against each other last season, the Patriots won by 9 points. That is 4 layups and a free throw.

These teams have put in effort, time, and dedication into a sport they love and they will come and put on one killer game tomorrow night, so if you support this sport even a little compared to the love these girls have for this sport, come support these teams Friday and Monday night.

Friday night’s game takes place at the Huskie’s home gym, 301 8th Ave West, Marsing, ID 83639. Monday nights game takes place at the Patriot’s home gym,9955 S Kris Jensen Ln Nampa, ID 83686.



Please contact Ana-Maria Vulcan for more information.

(208) 297-0711


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