Liberty Charter High School Boys Basketball Faces Off Against Glens Ferry

The Liberty Charter High School JV and varsity boys basketball teams will be playing Glens Ferry High School on December 3 at Liberty Charter. The game will be the boys second game of the season meaning it will very important for them to win this game. Last year’s season, 2015-2016,  the high schools faced off against each other, once in Glens Ferry and once at Liberty Charter. The Liberty Charter boys beat them at at their home gym but then in the next week, lost to them at Glens Ferry. The first time they faced each other last season at Liberty Charter, the game was sloppy and Liberty struggled, yet barely fought the opponent off to secure the win. Later, in the next week of the same season Liberty Charter traveled to Glens Ferry to face the team that wants revenge for the loss they took at Liberty. The game in Glens Ferry was even more sloppy and disorganized than the one at Liberty. The Liberty boys turned over the ball too much and were not rebounding the ball as well as they should’ve which led to a hard loss they took.

The Liberty Charter had a previous game this season at which they had a close loss to Cole Valley which is a school bigger the Liberty. After this defeat Liberty will be looking for their first win of the season against Glens Ferry on Saturday. Glens Ferry will also be fighting hard to get a win in this game as they lost to Liberty the year before at Liberty.

(Idaho Press Tribune)


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