Rolling Stones releasing “Blue and Lonesome” on December 2nd

Rolling Stones, with Polydor Records, are releasing their first studio album in over a decade. The entire album consists of covers of old blues songs, so the Stones are going back to their roots with this one since they are known as a blues-rock band.  The album even features rock guitar legend Eric Clapton for two of the songs.  The new album cover used the famous “Hot Lips” logo, which is said to be Mick Jagger’s mouth.  Only this time, the logo has been turned blue in contrast to the classic red.

Image result for blue and lonesome

What makes this album so unique is the process of recording.  In all other Rolling Stones albums, the use of overdubbing and making specific changes to the mix are used.  However, the band was aiming for a more raw, unfiltered sound than they normally create, to better recreate these blues songs.  So the entire album was recorded live in the studio, with no overdubs or changes.  One can even hear lead singer Mick Jagger at the end of a track asking, “Was that one okay?”  As the necessary recording time was greatly reduced by this simpler style, the entire album was recorded in just three days.

Songs on this album include “Just Your Fool,” Blue and Lonesome,” and “Commit a Crime.”  The songs are al covers of blues artists ranging from Little Walter to Willie Dixon. The songs, more specifically, are in the style of Chicago Blues or Jump Blues.  The album even features Otis Rush’s song “I Can’t Quit You Baby,” which was brought into the spotlight by Led Zeppelin in 1969.

Members on this album include the original members Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, and Charlie Watts.  The bassist for this album was Daryl Jones, who is trying to gain full membership in the band since former bassist Billy Wyman retired due to a cancer diagnosis.  Also, former Cream guitarist Eric Clapton joins for two tracks.

The Stones played a huge event in Havana, Cuba on March 25th of 2016.  The entire event was free, which is all too reminiscent of Woodstock, proving that the purpose of peace through rock and roll music hasn’t died.  They now have an album and documentary from this concert, both of which titled “Havana Moon.”  Rock and Blues fans all over the world are very fortunate for the Rolling Stones’ longevity.  Many bands from their time have ceased to exist, but the Stones simply roll on.


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