The Liberty Charter Boys 2016-2017 Season

With the Liberty Charter High School boys varsity basketball season just starting there is some hopes and expectations for the season to some. The boys had their first game of the season against Cole Valley High School in this past Wednesday, November 30. The Liberty boys fought hard with a school that is bigger than them and with a team that, with no doubt, was bigger than them. The Liberty team fell to Cole Valley in a close 5 point loss. The loss came from the rebounding battle that Liberty lost by a large amount, also the Liberty team had almost 20 turnovers.

The Liberty Charter boys basketball team has high hopes of the season to come, even with the first game ending in a loss. They will be a young team this year as they started the season starting 3 sophomores. This also means that they will have high hopes for the next two years following this season. For this season they will have two seniors starting along with three sophomores. With an athletic line up, the Liberty boys have expectations to continue to improve on their play adapting to any opponent they may play. As it is early in the season, nothing is guaranteed in terms of districts and state. However, the Liberty Charter boys basketball program has been very successful in the past years when it comes to making it to state. With the improvement of their team throughout the season, they will have a good shot at competing at state.

(Liberty Charter School)

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