Scientists Developing Way to Convert Nuclear Waste into a Battery

While widely useful as well as available, batteries have many problems. One of the biggest problems faced by modern batteries is their longevity, or lack thereof. While an average battery may have a shelf life of up to ten years, but when used continuously the power will wear out in under a day. So how... Continue Reading →


Tennessee Taken Over by Fire

Destruction is running rapidly through Tennessee. This disaster has wreaked havoc and caused so much damage to the state. The fire has already scorched 15,000 acres with its flames. It has destroyed businesses, on Monday alone at least one hundred fifty buildings were destroyed. People have been reported missing as well. In all of the... Continue Reading →

Science Fiction to Reality

Imagine the world twenty years from now. If technology continues to improve as it has, (and it seems it will) the world will be pretty lit in the future. Just like phones and computers that were in sci-fi movies about thirty years ago, things like hover boards and light sabers from movies like star wars... Continue Reading →

from science fiction to reality

There are so many things in Sci-Fi movies nowadays that we see and think huh that would be cool if we had that but then dismiss the thought because you think its impossible. But if you think about it, this is just what we thought thirty years ago when there were movies like Star Trek... Continue Reading →

Changing the World one Life at a Time

The stories of millions that have survived through the most tragic environments, are standing strong in their faith and becoming the inspiration in changing the world, one life at a time. King's Castle Ministry has helped people, reach people; by giving an opportunity to serve in many locations, primarily, in 3rd world countries. El Salvador's... Continue Reading →

Charter Winter Concert

  Each year Victory and Liberty Charter school host an annual Winter Concert. The concert is for parents, families, and friends to witness how developed and committed their children are to music. This concert reflects on the progress that the children have developed from the beginning of the year. Not only that, but its a... Continue Reading →

How do the Europeans feel about the refugees arriving in the last couple of years?

Refugee accommodation ( In 2015 more than two million refugees arrived in Germany. Those people pay thousands of dollars to get here and when they arrive they often sold all their property to pay the travel.because of politic and economical reason many have to wait years before they are allowed to work. That means that... Continue Reading →

What to Do On a Friday

Victory Charter School is hosting a play called The Villain of the Glitter Gulch. The Sophomore class is putting on this play as a fun way to spend time with friends and family and be entertained. ¬†All money goes towards the payment of the senior graduation. Tickets will be sold at $8 each. $8 pay... Continue Reading →

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