Assassins Creed the Movie

How well is this movie going to do? The original game Assassins Creed was a major hit . The video game designing company Ubisoft had created the major hit that was “Assassins Creed” along with “Just Dance” and the “Far Cry” series. The game sold for $50 dollars when it first came out and the company sold over 73 million copies of the “Assassins Creed” Game. assassins-creed

The company who made the movies “The Maze Runner”, “Deadpool”, and “X-Men Apocalypse” are helping produce the “Assassins Creed” movie. the movie is based on

Desmond Miles who is a down on his luck bartender in modern day whose life is about to get a lot more interesting. He is captured by an organization called Abstergo and then gets shoved into a machine called the Animus, which allows Desmond to time travel.Well, sort of. Desmond doesn’t physically leave his prison, but his brain is able to sync up with an Assassin named Altair from the Third Crusade. Desmond is actually a descendant of Altair, which is how he is able to experience his ancestor’s past. Altair jumps from building to building, attempting to stop Robert de Sable from obtaining a Piece of Eden. We eventually learn that a Piece of Eden is an artifact that was once used by the First Civilization to control humans and force them to work as slaves. These people, known as “The Precursors” were actually the first beings to call Earth home. They created the human race and the Pieces of Eden so that they could control their creations. Humans looked upon these beings as gods. Altair’s job in the first game is to stop the bad guy from getting the Piece of Eden, killing many Knights Templars along the way in order to be sworn into the “Brotherhood” of Assassins. Altair succeeds in killing de Sable, but learns that there is another Templar named Al Mualim, Altair’s mentor and leader of the Assassins, who has the Piece of Eden. Altair finds and kills him, too, because why not. Recovering the Piece of Eden alerts Altair to the fact that there are many other artifacts from this previous age scattered around the world.Just as things were getting good, Desmond gets ripped out of the Animus by a woman named Lucy Stillman. She’s a secret mole within the organization that kidnapped Desmond and explains to him that he is quite important, as all of these ancient memories he’s unraveling could reveal a plot for the end of the world.

I would say this is a must see movie if you are a gamer of any kind or if you want to see a good movie.



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