Changing the World one Life at a Time

The stories of millions that have survived through the most tragic environments, are standing strong in their faith and becoming the inspiration in changing the world, one life at a time. King’s Castle Ministry has helped people, reach people; by giving an opportunity to serve in many locations, primarily, in 3rd world countries. El Salvador’s “Castillo Del Rey” is one of many locations for where people like you and I can help change lives.


“This experience was life changing, and I encourage anyone who is willing to help another person, to go on a missions trip like this,” says Sandra Medina.

“From personal experience, this trip has become the highlight of my life. Seeing the kid’s faces light up, or casting a demon out of a woman is something that has proven the power of God’s undeniable love. The most important aspect I’ve found is that anything is possible. Going to El Salvador was something that wasn’t on my to-do list at first, but after reaching over 2,000 kids your to-do list doesn’t matter anymore. I will never be able to repay, or thank, the people of El Salvador and Castillo Del Rey, enough, for this opportunity I was blessed to have.”

King’s Castle is continuing to help and change our world. This organization is taking love to a new standard. It’s transforming lives, and giving more people second chances. Guillermo, was a national who was a first year missionary in 2016. He had nothing, and yet, gave everything. The love and compassion and strength he had, was not his own, but the Lord’s. Guillermo’s parents both died by the time he was 6. He had 3 older sisters, and they couldn’t work. He had to work to support his family, and as years passed, he had never had a birthday celebration in his life. It wasn’t until the age of 22, when my group and I decided to throw him a surprise party; on our last day in El Salvador. “These people, here, are our family; and it only seemed right to celebrate our brother’s birthday,” said Nikki Gillet. “Saying goodbye was the hardest part of the trip, but coming back to the states knowing more people’s lives are forever changed, was the comfort we all endured.”

Every summer, King’s Castle does a missions trip for anyone who is willing to go and help. They have locations around the world; even here in the U.S. Many people need your help in your home town, just as much as they do in other countries, and together, we can change the world ,one life at time.


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