Charter Schools Start New School Trip Together

(2016 Ashland Bed & Breakfast Network) A photo from the nighttime showing of Richard III 

         Liberty Charter School

9955 Kris Jensen Lane Nampa, Idaho 83686

(208) 466-7952, fax: (208) 466-7961

           November 30, 2016- Both Liberty and Victory Charter School have decided to come together to put on a trip to Ashland, Oregon in the spring break of 2017. This trip will consist of watching four shows at the Oregon Shakespeare festival. As of now, all 4 shows are still to be determined.

          “I am excited to be able to be part of the first trip out to this amazing festival.” says Morgan Hodnett.

          The trip will be four days long and start with the students getting on a Charter bus and taking the 12 hour drive to Ashland, Oregon. On the second day, students will be watching a show earlier in the day, then one at the night. The process will be repeated the third day. On the fourth, students will take the 12 hour trip home on the Charter bus.

           The four shows the students will be seeing are not decided on yet, but there are some possibilities. Julius Caeser and Shakespeare In Love are two definite shows that will be watched.

           The trip will cost $375 for each person, and each student who wanted to go was required to pay a $30 down fee during the last school year. There are no more seats available for this years trip, but if this goes well, there will be another trip next year.

           Not only will students be able to watch four magnificent shows, but they will also be able to go backstage and see all the behind the scene of the festival. This will include going to see where and how they build their sets, how they get their costumes, etc.

           The cost for the trip, $375, only covers tickets for the show and night stays at a hotel. Students will have to bring extra money to cover lunch and dinner fees. Breakfast will be supplied by the hotel. Students must keep in mind that the area of Oregon they are going to does not have very many fast food places, so lunch and dinner are going to be around $10-$15.

           The trip goers will start of by getting on a bus and driving for 12 hours until they reach Ashland, Oregon. It will definitely be a very long trip, but there is an advantage the students have to make it not as long. The bus will be a Charter bus with wifi and television screens. The drive will be 12 hours both ways.

           The festival has a crew of over 500 members, which require multiple leaders to put on the multiple shows. The artistic directors are Bill Raunch and Cynthia Rider. The production manager is Donna Bachman. The costume director is Christine Smith-McNamara. The technical director is William S. Tiesi. In each of these departments there are many more people, these are only the leaders.

           If you would like to attend this trip next year, please see Mr. Watson or Mr. Eshelman.


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