from science fiction to reality

There are so many things in Sci-Fi movies nowadays that we see and think huh that would be cool if we had that but then dismiss the thought because you think its impossible. But if you think about it, this is just what we thought thirty years ago when there were movies like Star Trek with “communicators” that allowed people to communicate over distances each others voices could be heard in a normal conversation tone. But then soon after, the first cell phone was invented. the same thing has happens many other times with different things. Having this in mind, is it probable that things like and invisibility cloak can be possible? Many people think it is possible. Our technology is always improving everyday as things like the wireless cell phone charges have come out and many similar products that would have sounded impossible and ridiculous years ago but now it is simply reality.

Scientists have been studying science fiction concepts and some of them are actually pretty plausible. For example a hovering car. Some people aren’t particularly happy about these innovations though. In the article, “Science fiction is becoming reality and Americans aren’t all that exited” by CBS news, it says,” Regarding Google Glass and similar devices, 53 percent think they’re a change for the worse. And they like their privacy: 63 percent are not looking forward to personal or commercial drones flying through U.S. airspace. There is a more even split when it comes to driver less cars: 48 percent are interested.” This shows that almost half of Americans believe that technology that takes over human independence is not acceptable. I think that as long as the inventions don’t interfere with this, people will be fine with them. Things like the self lacing shoes and hover boards are things people will probably be interested in.

How That Lexus Hoverboard Actually Works

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