How do the Europeans feel about the refugees arriving in the last couple of years?

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In 2015 more than two million refugees arrived in Germany. Those people pay thousands of dollars to get here and when they arrive they often sold all their property to pay the travel.because of politic and economical reason many have to wait years before they are allowed to work. That means that the country has to spend it’s taxes to provide food, housing and clothing for them. Most of them barely speak German which mean that especially children have to take special German classes to be able to go to school. All of this costs the country millions of dollars. Money that Germany can’t spend on education anymore. But not only Germany is hit by the refugees also most countries in Europe. The European Union which was build to overcome crisis like this and to hold together during hard times is struggling to handle the problem.

On November, 16 and 17 an international conference on Sofia discussed how the crisis would effect the European Union. The conclusion was clear. The issue might cause the European Union to break apart because the countries won’t work together to solve the problem. Each country fears the challenge and each country reacts different. While some governments try to integrate refugees others build fences and send everyone to their neighboring countries. But the crisis also gives right-wing politicians the chance to rise. A good example is Austria where a right-wing party could gain power. The same thing happened in Germany where another right-wing party already represents a few states in parliament. The people don’t even necessarily support those parties but they are angry because they feel that their governments didn’t do anything to solve the problem. And to be honest they are also scared.

The news of terror in Paris, or even the own country, frightens people much more than many want to admit. It also doesn’t help people get over their fear when the social media  spreads the ideas that 1 out of 10 refugees is a potential “danger” and that “IS” sends people to Europe to make terror. Neither helpful is the fact that on the night of the new year, a bunch of “middle eastern looking men” sexually abused women who were walking on the streets alone. All of this strengthens the irrational fear and even the hatred of Arabian men even though they were born in Europe and had never done something bad.

On the other side the arriving refugees can also have positive effects. Countries build new alliances and many economical sectors get stronger because of the high amount of new work forces. Experts also hope that the refugees could counter the decline of young people. Europe still has to fight the problem that more people retire than get born.


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