Iranian Small Craft Aimed Weapon At US Navy Helicopter

(ABCNews)         “Unsafe and Unprofessional”- U.S. Defense Department Official

 An Iranian ship aimed/ an threatened to shoot at the U.S. Navy, while traveling through the straight of Hormuz trying to exit the Persian gulf. The U.S.S Eisenhower detected two small Iranian boats, about nine miles away.

American warships are routinely harassed by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Navy, while traveling through the Persian gulf, or the straight of Hormuz.

A helicopter was sent from the carrier to better identify the Iranian ships that were threatening to fire. “The helicopter was a half-mile away from the small boats when a crew member on one of the boars was spotted loading a weapon”-U.S. Defense Department Official.

The Navy attempted to communicate with the Iranian ship, but it didn’t respond, as this wasn’t the first encounter they had.

Throughout the experience, at no time did the crew of the helicopter feel threatened or in danger at all.

In August, two other navy vessels had problems with the IRGC-N. The U.S.S Squall fired warning shots towards a Iranian speed boat, when it came close enough to become a threat. And the U.S.S Nitze found trouble when four IRGC-N vessels drew close.

The U.S. Navy vs. the Persian Gulf

“The U.S. Navy’s presence in the Persian Gulf might have limited the scope of Saddam Hussein’s aggressive activity in the waters of the gulf, but it certainly did not deter his attack on Kuwait. Ivory Justice, a July 1990 exercise ordered by Washington, involved only two American frigates, several Air Force aircraft, and a few jet fighters of the United Arab Emirates. It could not be called a show of force. A swift and simultaneous movement of the Independence carrier battle group and other naval forces toward the Strait of Hormuz might have made a difference. National security policymakers, however, did not want a spotlight on American military power. When their low-key approach to the crisis was coupled with Ambassador Glaspie’s muted warning to Saddam, it is hardly surprising that the Iraqi generalissimo felt he had little to fear from American arms.”



Iran’s revolutionary guard, was founded as a result of the aftermath of the 1979 Islamic revolution. The IRGC-N has influence over nearly every aspect of Iranian life. Although it is far from a cohesive unit of like-minded conservatives.

Its security institution has over one hundred thousand members, and has unique operations through its elite Quds Force.










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