Nintendo’s new game console will cause a stock rise.

Over this past year the Nintendo company have had big boom in the stock market and have been providing fans with great content over the last half of this year.

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During July the Niantic company had release the Pokemon GO app with the rights to Nintendo’s Pokemon franchise, stocks during July had reached a maximum peak for the Nintendo company. The stocks had been the highest they have been in years. Later in November after the Nintendo stocks had hit a dip, the company released the “Nintendo Switch” console reveal video on their YouTube channel, which is the newest Nintendo console coming in March 2017, the console has had much hype over the past couple months and it will be the video game console everyone will want to have. The console features unlimited mobility for users and has multiplayer capabilities on the go.

After Nintendo’s reveal video, the company had released an article of all the third party companies that were on board with the Nintendo switch, and will be releasing big game titles to the Nintendo switch that had not been playable on previous Nintendo console.

Companies include: “505 Games”, “LEVEL-5 Inc.”, “Activision Publishing, Inc.”, “Marvelous Inc”, “ARC SYSTEM WORKS Co., Ltd.”, “Maximum Games”, “LLC”, “ATLUS CO., LTD.”, “Nippon Ichi Software, Inc.”, “Audiokinetic Inc.”, “Parity Bit Inc.”, “Autodesk, Inc.”, “PlatinumGames Inc.”, “BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.”, “RAD Game Tools, Inc.”, “Bethesda”, “RecoChoku Co., Ltd.”, “CAPCOM CO., LTD.”, “SEGA Games Co., Ltd.”, “Codemasters®”, “Silicon Studio Corporation”, “CRI Middleware Co., Ltd.”, “Spike Chunsoft Co., Ltd.”, “DeNA Co., Ltd.”, “SQUARE ENIX CO.”, “LTD.”, “Electronic Arts”, “Starbreeze Studios”, “Epic Games Inc.”, “Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.”, “Firelight Technologies”, “Telltale Games”, “FromSoftware, Inc.”, “THQ Nordic, Frozenbyte”, “Tokyo RPG Factory Co., Ltd.”, “GameTrust”, “TT Games”, “GRASSHOPPER MANUFACTURE INC.”, “UBISOFT”, “Gungho Online Entertainment, Inc.”,” Ubitus Inc.”, “HAMSTER Corporation”, “Unity Technologies, Inc.”, “Havok”, “Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment”, “INTI CREATES CO., LTD.”, “Web Technology Corp”,” KOEI TECMO GAMES CO., LTD.”, “Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd.”

When Nintendo had released the Article to the public, the stock prices had hit a small skyrocket during the middle of November and the public were anxious to get their hands on a Nintendo switch. After looking at all of Nintendo’s stocks, their will be a rise after the release of the Nintendo Switch in Nintendo stock prices within two weeks of the Nintendo Switch being available for purchase, but the many are interested in what Nintendo will actually release for the console since most of the content on Nintendo’s previous consoles were most likely rated E games, which had only persisted to a limited audience. During the Nintendo Switch video, there was a guy playing, one of the most beloved RPG’s that have never been on a portable system, Skyrim; which had never been on any Nintendo console, grabbing the attention of many Xbox and Play station fans. Thus, the Nintendo Switch will have a stock rise for Nintendo.



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