Patriots vs Vipers Basketball Games

Liberty and Victory boys and girls basketball teams are going head on in another battle. These two schools have been sisters for quite some time. For past years, it has been a tradition to have this epic battle of the schools, and both teams are ready again this year to take the court.

On January 5th, the junior varsity teams start this fight at the McKnight Bryant Center. The

tip off at 6:00 o’clock with the starters of Savannah Cass, Stephanie Carro, Mariah Gutierrez, Brenna Logue, and Bridget Maw for the lady patriots . Then boys follow after around 7:30 with the following starting line up of Caleb Hamblin, Mason Mefford, Cy Griffin, Carson Thomas, and Caden Gardner. The real battle then begins at NNU on that Saturday the 7th. The girls take the court at 1:00 o’clock with Liberty starting Cory Hamblin, Madi Grill, Hallie Ashton, Madison Dodge, and Juilia Corkish. The guys are following at 2:30 with Michael Corkish, Cole Hinnekamp, Ashton Vadez, Daniel Colbert, and Morgan Boyd for the Liberty team.

Both teams have lost seniors from last year, but are still looking strong. Liberty girls lost Micaela Hosely, Erika Linford, and Ali Hobson three out of the six varsity players from the 2015/2016 season. Unfortunately the boys lost six seniors and four out of the six were starting varsity: Ben Passey, Trevor Fowler, Caleb Hitt, Michael Wacsmuth. Riley Boyd, and Josh Ellis. Both teams are hurt by this loss but are still able to move forward and continue with success.

The head  coach of the girl’s team is Brad McCain who has coached for the past two years. He was an assistant coach for the guy’s team before switching over. The head coach of the boy’s team is Coach Stallcop who has been couching for countless years. Each coach with different styles are bringing success to Liberty Charter’s basketball program, and hard-working student athletes. They may not win all games but the team is family to the players and quoting Coach McCain, “Win together, and loose together.”

At the beginning of the season girls are st two loses and one win. The boys are recently at zero wins and one loss. Both teams still have a long hard season in front of them.

Come out and support the patriots and the vipers. Admission is $3 for students $5 for adults. This epic battle is worth to watch and shows two enemies that are “sisters” dual it out.


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