Tennessee Taken Over by Fire

Fire in Tennessee taking over a forest.  (Chattanooga Fire Dept.)

Destruction is running rapidly through Tennessee. This disaster has wreaked havoc and caused so much damage to the state. The fire has already scorched 15,000 acres with its flames. It has destroyed businesses, on Monday alone at least one hundred fifty buildings were destroyed. People have been reported missing as well. In all of the commotion about seventy people have been reported to be missing.

The fire has also taken lives away. Eleven lives have already been lost to this disaster. Gatlinburg is a popular tourist attraction, as well as the Pigeon forge, but the fire has forced at least fourteen thousand people to leave its grounds. The fire started by fire embers  that drifted into the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. The fires have caused many roads and entrances to highways to be cut off. Thankfully the rain that occurred on December 1st allowed the fire to dull down, but the fire is still not out. As of December 2nd 700 buildings have been confirmed lost to the fire.

Firefighters are working hard to rid Tennesse of this fire while its at a lull. The rain had helped Tennessee incredibly and had allowed an opening for attack by the firefighters. As of Friday, December 2nd there are two hundred firefighters on the ground actively fighting the fire.

Dolly Parton has started a charity for the people affected by the fire. She created it through her Dollywood companies and wishes to help out each family damaged by this fire by giving them one thousand dollars for six months to help them get back up and functioning. “I’ve always believed charity begins at home and my home is some place special,” she said in a video published on Wednesday, “We want to provide a hand up to those families who have lost everything in the fires. I know it has been a trying time for my people and this assistance will help get them back on their feet.”

The American Red Cross also Created a service to find the loved ones who have been lost in the fires. They have already raised two hundred thousand dollars as of Friday December 2nd.

Bill Haslam, the governor of Tennessee, has also stated that the state would be sending resources to help out the people left homeless by this catastrophe. This was including the National Guard.

This fire has devastated many and will continue to do so if our efforts are not successfull.

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