Ukrainian Woman Travelled 6 Countries To Have A Brain Surgery

Aleksander Sheretun is a 45 years old Ukrainian woman who had brain tumor. Her complaints started 3 years ago. After the blood tests, brain imagings that were done in Ukraine she learnt that she has epilepsy which is also known as seizure disorders and the 4th most common neurological disorder in the world. She took different kinds of medicine to avoid her from falling on the ground and other results of the disease suxh as several kinds of seizures. Doctors in Ukraine did not want to perform the operation because it was too dangerous. But after a while medicines couldn’t stop her from passing out or falling on the ground. She started passing out more, having muscle spasms more frequently and her brain tumor got bigger and bigger day by day.

After all these she decided to go to Russia to get her brain surgery done. There, doctors told her that they can do the surgery but it may leave some permanent incapacities. That’s why she rejected to get her surgery done in Russia. Secondly she went to Hungary but doctors rejected to perform an operation. So she decided to try getting it done in Israel. In Israel they told her that they can just take the 60% of the tumor and she would probably have a permanent disability in her talking after the surgery. Then she learnt the doctors in Germany could perform the operation but it would be so dangerous which caused her not to get it done there either. Meanwhile her doctor in Ukraine told her that she may get it done in Turkey. In August she came to Turkey and went to a private hospital in Istanbul. Doctors got blood samples and started to analyze her test results. After all the test results, doctors diagnosed lost in her ability to talk and understand what people are talking. She wasn’t able to feel her right leg and arm. She also started to faint more. Doctors told her and her husband that they can do the surgery. She and her husband signed the papers and doctors performed the surgery. They took the tumor in a 6-hours long surgery. The tumor she had in her left lobe was putting to much pressure on the parts of her brain which enables her to talk and feel on the right side of her body. Tumor was the cause of her faints too. So after the surgery, she started to talk and feel better in a short period of time because the pressure that tumor was causing was gone. She hasn’t been fainting for a while either.

( 2016)

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