The New York Ball Drop


Every New Years Eve, New York hosts a New Years Eve ball drop in downtown. Always on New Years Eve thousands of people gather around downtown New York at the Rockerfeller Center and millions from home all around the nation watch at home on T.V. to experience the exciting event. There are many spectacular things happening on this night for this holiday tradition from watching famus artists performing in concerts or listening the reporters that show up every year.

New York Ball Drop (


People from all over the nation attend this ball drop and it was estimated that there were one million individuals that present at the New York Ball Drop actually in the New York Times Square. Not to mention all the rest of the nation watching from home, listening to the reporters go on about the celebrities that are or will be preforming, what fire works and lights will be putting on a show or the actual ball drop itself. Last year, reporters Dick Clark, Kathy Griffin, Alvin put on a great show that we all enjoyed as a holiday tradition. Also we had artists like Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and Florida- Georgia Line perform for the people there and for all of us at home. Host Anderson Cooper along with groups of celebrities including Drake, Shaq, Oprah Winfrey, and Justin Beiber provided great entertainment as the whole nation waits for the clock to hit 12:00 A.M., the ball to drop, and the new year to arrive.

Now, about the biggest and most exciting attraction to the tradition! The actual Ball Drop! Every year, the thousands that come to this event are awed at the giant, spectacular ball drop indicating the new year when the clock ticks twelve o’clock A.M. Why this tradition is so great is because millions get to enjoy it. The nation that is watching at home has a bunch of fun thing to do like board games and such. My family has a tradition of inviting other family over and we eat and hang out then when we start to get bored and tired, us kids all join in play Monopoly until the ball drops. According to the Times Square Alliance, “Ball Fun Facts. The Ball is a geodesic sphere, 12 feet in diameter and weighs about 11,875 pounds. The ball is covered with a total of 2688 Waterford Crystal triangles that vary in size and are in range from 4 one quarter inches to 5 three quarter inches per side.

Overall, the New Years Eve ball drop is a fantastic tradition for people who can stay at home and watch or people who come to watch the ball drop as the year goes from 2016 to 2017.


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