For the first time in 77 seasons Northwestern took a bid in the NCAA March Madness tournament. On March 16, 2017 at 3:00pm in Salt Lake City, Utah  they beat the Vanderbilt Commodores 68 to 66 in the NCAA tournament. According to USA Today "After the Commodores scored the go-ahead basket with 18 seconds left, Matthew Fisher-Davis inexplicably fouled... Continue Reading →


Recently, U.S. president Donald Trump has proposed a budget plan, which would remove all of the funding of National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), and National Endowment for Humanities (NEH). Although the budget cut increases funds in programs like Homeland security and defense, thousands will be affected if the budget plan is accepted. Students and... Continue Reading →

"Go go Power Rangers, mighty morphin power rangers", The power rangers have been a staple of many kid's childhoods. The original series first aired on Aug 28 1993,  introducing five teenagers with attitude and instantaneously became an iconic part of 90's culture. Twenty two complete seasons, one still currently going, and four movies later, the... Continue Reading →

The TV show "Codename The Kids Next Door", a cartoon series about kids being in a secret agency to fight adult tyranny, had aired in December 06, 2002. The show featured a troop of five kids next door operatives, with operative numbers one through five. The troop would often fight adults who wanted to make... Continue Reading →

Why do athletes keep playing when they injure themselves? Cole Hinnenkamp says, "I love track and no matter what the consequence is I won't stop running." During basketball season, Cole was practicing and landed on one of his team mates ankle causing him to sprain his ankle. The injury stopped him from playing because Mr. Stallcop,... Continue Reading →

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