Spring is Sprung


145 years ago, an artist named Claude Monet created  beautiful springtime paintings to show his love and passion for the season. Since this long winter still has two more weeks, Monet`s colorful, bright, and lovely spring paintings should get us pumped for this winter to end.

Claude Monet was born on November 14,1840 and died on December 5, 1926. When he was 11 years of age he started making his oil paintings. He received lessons from Eugene Boudin, another famous painter of that time, to teach him how to paint with the colors.

When Monet was 25 years of age, his career took off. He used his wife Camille Donciuex as models for many of his paintings. In one of his most famous paintings, called Springtime(as shown above), he uses his wife with his favorite season. He accents her beauty by using darker colors in the backround then accentuating her face with the light that is shining through the trees. She is just patiently reading a book while surrounded by the peaceful flowers. This piece shows the piece that spring brings when winter ends.

Another of his famous paintings is called “water lilies”. The water lilies that he painted were in his backyard in Giverny where he lived for many years. An art and digital design teacher from Liberty Charter School, Mrs. Nelson, had the privilege to go see this memorable painting. She commented on how his work will affect the future generations. She stated,”I`ve had the privilege of standing in front of his paintings“water lilies” in New York at the Moma. He is one of a handful of painters that I talk about when introducing the painting section.”

In 1873, Monet painted one of his most famous painting called “Poppies.” In this photo there are four women walking through a field of bright, red poppies. In this piece of artwork he paints with the oils on a canvas. He accentuates the women walking through the flowers and makes you feel like you are in the scene watching these women. This piece of artwork truly shows the vibrancy that the springtime can hold throughout the world.

Monet`s work is one of a kind. He is unlike all other painters of his time and he should be recognized as one of the greatest painters that has ever lived. Although his style isnt what “upcoming artists would want to achieve with the exception of light and color” said Jackie Nelson, “I do think that his painting speak for themselves because he did paintings on such a large scale with lots of color.” In his time, he created things that no one else was creating and it is a reminder to us that his work is incredible.He created something unique and special and should be recognized for all of time to help people remember the past and the beauty of the little things that we see everyday just like Monet did for us. As spring approaches, Monet`s work should bring us expectations and excitement of what to come.

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