A Night at Hogwarts

On Friday, March 10, Liberty Charter’s tenth grade class will be hosting a “Harry Potter Movie Night!” Not only will they be showing the first Harry Potter movie, they will also have a wand making station, a raffle for different goody baskets that include a big “Dutch Bros” basket, and a big “Movie Theater” basket. If you come, you will not regret it, for there is even drinks and treats from the movie like Butter-Beer!

Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone will start at 6:30pm, and will be shown in the McKnight Bryant Center (the middle building in the parking lot). The cost to see the movie will be free, not counting if you want drinks and treats. About half way through the movie, there will be a long intermission. During this time, you will be able to buy some more goodies, place your name in for one, or more, of the raffles, and most importantly, make a hand-made wand in the wand making station!

A Night at Hogwarts would be a perfect family night, kids night, and most of all, it would be a perfect night for all of you who are obsessed with the Harry Potter movies just as much as the rest of us, if not more. Although movie nights tend to interest younger kids more, Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone is a perfect movie for people of all ages! Don’t be shy to come in and watch an amazing movie for free, with fun concessions for only a few dollars!

You all may be wondering why exactly Liberty Charter’s tenth grade class is doing a fundraiser, and why specifically a movie night. Well, each year each class does about one or two fundraisers a year, choosing one so that they will make a decent amount of money. Once senior year comes, they add up all of their money, and see what senior trip they can afford. Charlotte Hobson, sophomore governor, said, “We decided to do the movie night because we will not have prom next year, and that’s where most of our money would come from, so we’re doing the Harry Potter movie night because we think that’s where a good amount of money could come from.” If you are wondering why you should go, and the movie, wand-making, and treats aren’t convincing you, then think of the sophomore class, and how much effort they have put into this movie night. Think of the better trips they can go on with your support. We hope to see you all there! Thanks for reading.


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