Brain Candy’s Tour With the Ex-Myth Buster and an Internet Celebrity

Photo provided by Brain Candy

Adam savage, the former myth buster from the show “Myth Busters”, and Michael Stevens, internet famous for his Youtube channel “Vsauce”, have come together to create Brain Candy. The show is two-hours long and demonstrates all the crazy tools and toys they have put together, with the science behind how It works as well.

During the Brain Candy tour Adam and Micheal have made sure every performance in any city they go to will be a different experience from the last city they have been to. Adam often brings some contraption he whipped up in his shop to the show, one of the few have been a ping-pong ball machine gun, which he has made out of a leaf blower and pipes, and Micheal brings multitudes of brain puzzles and minerals that he goes into depth explaining the mineral and what is its rarity.

Brain Candy was primarily put together by Adam and Micheal, the idea for the creation of Brain Candy was to try a different format of presenting content to their audience and to give Adam and Micheal a perception of receiving reactions from their audience. Adam and Micheal have been presenting their content for years, but this new change up is sure to give them a new experience in form of presentation, as Adam has said in an interview  “There’s not a lot out there that crosses into this territory and I think we need this.”. While performing their demonstrations volunteers while be randomly selected from the crowd to participate in various activities which they have not gotten the chance to experiment  with. Brain Candy is also packed with facts and many cool gadgets they have created and woven their passions for science into the show. During 2010 Micheal created his YouTube channel “Vsauce”, for his passion of curiosity and science which lead him to creating science content and eventually won an award for best science and educational network for his videos that gained him over 11 million subscribers since the channel started in two- with the channel gaining over a billion views. As for Adam, Adam’s work on the Discovery channel’s “Myth busters” showcased Adam’s curiosity for everyday questions and putting some scientific method into the situation, the show lasted till two-thousand-sixteen in which Adam resorted to making content for his own YouTube channel called “Tested” where expresses his hobbies of making props and scientific gadgets.

The Brain Candy tour will be stopping by forty cities around the United States and have already done seven, with the eighth show happening March tenth, 2017 in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Tickets are around fifteen dollars to ninety-five depending on the selections of seats.


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