Christian Dior Autumn Collection 2017

Large Dior cosmetics counter at Queen Street branch of Auckland, New Zealand department store Smith & Caughey’s on Queen Street in downtown Auckland, New Zealand in 2013.

March 3rd, 2017, Christian Dior released a new line for their Autumn collection.  It featured many new outfits and a lovely show in Paris. The Italian Maria Grazia Chiuri let her sophomore collection loose during this year’s Paris fashion week.“Paris has always been an aspirational place for people to express their creativity,”  Maria Grazia Chiuri stated.

The fashion show included black berets on every model walking down the runway. Not only the models were wearing black berets, Rihanna showed up in the front row wearing one as well. Another theme included would be the use of blue. Many of the models were in denim blue or navy blue. “Among all colors, navy blue is the only one which can ever compete with black, it has all the same qualities,” Christian Dior once said in The Little Dictionary Of Fashion. Blue was everywhere in the show. Even the runway was bathed in blue lights. Chiuri definately proved how navy blue could be integrated into the runway. Black and white articles were also used, but hardly as much as blue was. Gowns, sweaters, overalls, and jeans were all shown throughout the show. The use of galaxy and stars were also used to add a little to the ensembles. They were featured on the magnificent gown, embroidered in gold.

This collection; however, did not just include elegant gowns. The show featured a laid back vibe. Sweaters and denim were used through the show. There were roomy carpenter jeans and bib overalls included, creating a relaxed and laid back feeling to them. It showed that this line was not made just for fancy events, and that these clothes could even be street clothes.

The House of Dior is celebrated as being established in 1947 in France. Christian Dior’s  collections influenced fashion as an art. From his first collection of clothing to his first line of lipsticks in 1955. Christian Dior died during 1956  a while after he appeared on the cover of TIME. The legacy he left behind is large and many others have helped it grow. Maria Grazia Chiuri, Dior’s first woman couturier, has definitely grown with her lines. Her first line, the Spring-Summer collection, was beautiful and she was the first ever solo female creative director for the company.  The line was expertly shown as well.

The show was done in a  garden. Albeit a fake garden, but none the less it gave off the vibe of dreaming and mysticism for the new line. One of her main goals was to show off that couture was not only fashionable, but wearable as well.  Some of the articles even featured complex headdresses to compliment the scenery and outfits. And her newest Fall collection is just as mystifying as the last.n

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