Drought in Somalia Kills a Hundred People and More

CNN Khaire’s office stated that “The drought response committee briefed the PM about the humanitarian crisis in the country that is threatening the lives of the people and their livestock who are on the brink of dying from hunger and watery diarrhea disease.” Somalia is located in the eastern part of Africa Where food and water isn’t all that common. Somalia’s drought is more harsh and severe in the southern bay area. Somalia’s drought has been going on since 2011. A recent study shows that nearly 260,000 have died in between 2011 and 2012. Most of the people that died where kids under the age of five. The drought/famine has made people who once called home had to flee and leave their home behind. Most people that arrive at the refugee camps come with less of their family than what they had left with.

Not only have the people been affected by this but also the livestock. The famine has been so bad that it is hard to plant and grow agriculture, and hard to raise and breed livestock. The drought and famine is not just from climate but from wars. It started when Somalia’s dictator fell causing war-lords to attack and defend their territories.

According to nations encyclopedia some parts of Somalia expect heavy rain fall from March to May, but there is still little hope. This year already 110 people have died in less than 48 hours. Most of the deaths have been starvation and drought related-illness. Somalia’s drought has heavily affected the southern bay areas than the other parts of the country. Somalia’s Prime Minister has issued a nation wide crisis as this drought has still been going on. Prompting the United Nations to step up and lend a helping hand trying to take control and take over this drought. It has been really hard to find food while families and kids that have been hit hard by this drought, by watching and seeing their loved ones die,  have been hard to find. Not only has this hit them hard but also the farmers who plant and grow the plants necessary to survive have not been able to be panted and survive long enough to be harvested. The ranchers who grow and breed the livestock have not been able to do so because there is very little yet any water at all for the animals to live. The drought in Somalia has been very harsh hopefully they will expect rain soon and fast before any more innocent lives are taken.

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