Lapwai takes a shot at State


Lapwai takes 1AD1 State champions 57-47 Saturday March 4th at 11:30 am at the Ford Idaho Center against The Prairie Pirates. Lapwai had a 13 and 0 conference season but overall 24 to 1 with a loss to Prairie 50-49. After a tough loss like that Lapwai knew they had to beat them in their state playoff game. Both teams working as hard as they could for 36 minutes Lapwai ended up with the 1AD1 state title for 2016-2017. Finishing off the season the Prairie Pirates ended off the season 12 to 3 conference 21-5 overall. Losing to Lapwai three times, Potlatch and Moscow, Prairie still ended in second place. With that tough loss at State the Prairie Pirates taking the second place spot ended with a good season and ready to have an even better one next year, even with the loss of seniors. One of Lapwais lead scorers and seniors number 24 Ivory Miles Williams had a great last game taking state champions with his team beating the Prairie pirates. This senior is looking forward to the future and will be playing at C of I for college basketball. Both boys and girls Lapwai basketball teams took first in state for 1A. From Prairie beating Lapwai by one in District Championship to Lapwai beating them by ten in the State Championship it was an exciting season for both teams. This certainly built up a fire inside the Pirates getting them ready for their season next year. A fan from the Pirates crowd says “It was a good game but a tough loss. They are both great groups of young men and I can not wait to see where they go in life and how successful this team continues to be.”

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