Liberty Boys Basketball

Boys District BB
Jackie Nelson

The question that other schools ask “Is Liberty Charter really good at basketball?” During the basketball season, Mr. Stallcop talked to the basketball boys before they played Notus, the school’s rival, and he said “They don’t care about going to state or districts, Notus and other teams they only care about beating us.”  Why would that be? Is it because we are better? Or do they just want Liberty to see that they suck?

During the regular season the boys record was 16-4. As you can see, you can tell that they were working hard so they could make it to the district and state game.

During one of the Liberty boys practice, Cole Hinnenkamp sprained his ankle and had to be out for three games, and he was their best scorer. He would average about 20 points a game. During those three games, we had a player step up like Mason Mefford. Mason Mefford is a post and he doesn’t usually play a lot, but when Mr. Stallcop saw how hard he was practicing he started to put him in.

Liberty Charter boys basketball team played their first district game at home. Since the boys didn’t have their senior night when they were suppose to play Idaho City, the coach decided to have it during the first district game. The boys didn’t have a problem beating victory again because they did it the first time.

The second game came around the corner against Riverstone. The boys beat Riverstone during the regular season. It didn’t matter if they beat them the first time because Riverstone is a really good team. The boys didn’t play their best so that meant that they are going to the consolation side. They shot 19% from the field, and Riverstone made sure they would take away Cole Hinnenkamp, which they did. Ashton Valadez, Liberty’s best point guard and shooting guard, sprained his ankle during the game. A possible reason why they lost against Riverstone was because they were worried about the seniors leaving. That’s hard but they can’t let that bother them if they wanted to win  that game more.

Liberty Charter played wilder two days after they played Riverstone. The worst thing is that Valadez couldn’t play, but a good thing is that other players once again were able to step up. Ashton Sedrick the seventh man on the team had an outstanding game. He scored 12 points, had 4 blocks, and 2 steals. He worked as hard as he could so he could make sure the seniors went to state but sadly that didn’t happen. Even though they lost against Wilder, they still worked hard and never gave up. That’s one thing that you can rely on for the Liberty boys is that they always work hard and won’t back down.


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