Travis Scott announces “Bird’s Eye View Tour”, coming to Boise in June

Travis_Scott_February_2016On March 6, Travis Scott announced his new “Bird’s Eye View Tour” on his Twitter account. He will be coming to Boise to perform at the Revolution Center on June 1. The tour has 32 dates and lasts from March 10 to July 9.

The opening acts for the “Bird’s Eye View Tour” are Khalid and Virgil Abloh. Khalid is an up and coming R&B singer who released his debut album, American Teen, on March 3. Virgil Abloh is a DJ and founder of fashion label Off-White. Khalid will only be coming to some of the tour dates, but he is confirmed to be performing in Boise. Information about what dates Virgil will be performing has not been announced yet. Along with them, Chase B will be DJing Travis’s set.

Many people were disappointed that there weren’t any concerts scheduled for big cities like Portland, Los Angeles, and Settle, but Travis called the dates of the tour “phase 1” so many expect him to add dates later on. After that, he confirmed that he would add more dates at a later time via Twitter. On the tour, he will be performing at some music festivals like Coachella and Bonnaroo. He finishes off the tour with 3 concerts in Germany and 1 in Finland.

Travis Scott is known as a great performer, because of his energy and ability to get the audience excited. He is constantly jumping around, throwing water on the audience, and he’ll even go into the crowd and have a fan rap a verse. He tweeted in all caps, “SO READY FOR TO BUST OPEN.”

Scott was supposed to come to Boise on April 2, 2015 with Young Thug and Metro Boomin on the Rodeo Tour; however, that concert was canceled. Hopefully, Travis can make up for that canceled show and put on a great performance this June.


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