Cinnaholic Coming to the Village at Meridian

village meridan cinnimon roll jess

In Meridian, “The Village” has been a very popular place for people of all ages around the Treasure Valley. The Village has a wide variety of attractions contributing to its success, including movie theaters, gyms, ice skating, fountain shows, bowling, arcades, shops, places to eat, candy, and now Cinnaholic.

Cinnaholic is a cinnamon roll franchise restaurant that is completely vegan. The cinnamon roll shop originally started as a gourmet bakery. The owners sought more success and took their business ideas to Shark Tank. Obviously, it was a success because there are stores in Meridian, Idaho with a population of roughly 81,000 people.

A huge thing for Cinnaholic is that they make cinnamon rolls with 100% vegan ingredients. Cinnaholic has a wide array of flavors, that their website says, “are waiting to be explored.”  The local business man, Mr. Haken, is the guy making it all happen. His daughter Taylor who will be working there is excited to get started. “The shop will give me an opportunity to work over the summer and I’m excited for the shop to be there.” She talks about how the flavors will be new and exciting and . “I believe that Cinnaholic will add to the Village and bring people in and will give people a place to go.

So in all, Cinnaholic should have a great effect on the village in Meridian with the flavors and the 100% vegan ingredients and the whole Treasure Valley will enjoy its presence.



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