Determination of a Young Athlete

Cole Hinnenkamp
Cole Hinnenkamp 2016/2017 Basketball Season. ( From Mrs. Nelson, Liberty Charter School)

Why do athletes keep playing when they injure themselves? Cole Hinnenkamp says, “I love track and no matter what the consequence is I won’t stop running.”

During basketball season, Cole was practicing and landed on one of his team mates ankle causing him to sprain his ankle. The injury stopped him from playing because Mr. Stallcop, the Liberty Charter Boys’ coach, wanted him to heal. Without Hinnenkamp on the roster the team would have to struggle and shift things around for the next four upcoming games. Cole was able to come back and finishing the season with Cole helped the team a lot. They may not have made it to state, but having him back on the court meant a lot.

Track season has arrived and although his ankle is still hurting, it doesn’t stop him from running. During the third practice for track Cole was turning the corner on the track, and he hurt his ankle again. He stopped and took off his shoes. But but once he made sure that the injury was not serious, his shoes were right back on his feet and he was back to running. This shows how dedicated this kid is and that no matter what happens to him, he won’t stop doing what he loves.

Liberty’s first track meet was on March 16th at Parma High School. Instead of Cole sitting out for that meet, he was set on running. According to him, giving up is not part of his life; he likes to succeed. There’s this quote by Michael Jordan that says, “If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it.” That’s Cole. When he hurt his ankle, he made sure he stretched and made it stronger because he would just be stuck with a bad ankle and wouldn’t be able to run track this year. Determination can carry you far in life and have you overcome anything if you put your mind to it.

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