House Bill 610 will Affect Students, Teachers, and States if Ratified

President Donald Trump- credit to Michael Vadon, flickr

Washington- House Bill 610, proposed by Iowa representative Steve King, has plans for a voucher program and the “No Hungry Kids Act” will be modified.

House Bill 610 was a bill proposed by Representative Steve King on January 23, 2017 and has several modifications included in it. The first of these, and probably the largest of these changes that would be made, would be the repeal of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, which was signed by Lyndon B. Johnson. The next change would be the voucher program that would very strictly limit the state’s educational department’s power. The last change would be to the “No Hungry Kids Act.”

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 was made to help students in low income areas of the country to improve their education and close the gap between the high income and low income students’ grades. This also deals with school funding.

The voucher program that is proposed to be put in place would make it “easier” for people to go to private schools, or a school not in their zone. The vouchers are not full scholarships to schools, but will only reduce cost of tuition. Also, with people changing schools, schools that are rated lower, would have a lower attendance rate, therefore getting less money.

Finally, the changes to the “No Hungry Kids Act” would make it so school meals would no longer be required to provide the suggested calorie intake and provide fruits and vegetables to the students. Providing healthy food was supposed to be a way to improve academic performance, but according to Mick Mulvaney, Trump’s Budget Director, there is “…no demonstrable evidence that they [school lunches] are doing that.”

Ratifying House Bill 610 would mainly cause a problem to school’s budgets and therefore, the quality of education. With the voucher program, many schools would have less attendance and less money, therefore only being able to hire medium grade teachers, have low grade school supplies, and poor after school activities. This would also affect the power of the State Department of Education because they would not have the power to design school boundaries, or they would not matter as much with the voucher program. With the “No Hungry Kids Act” some kids may not get the nutrition they need because sometimes that is the one meal they get a day.

In the end, ratifying Bill 610 could affect children, state education, and schools. This should be passed with extreme thought and reflection or else the future could be one that we would try to avoid.


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