How technology will change our lives in 20 years.

word essay

Technology has been a huge hit for the last 17 years. Coming out with smart phones, Video game consoles, touch screen computers. In 20 years, many things could change like the way we travel, playing games, and use of phones. When the Nintendo Switch came out in March 3rd, Nintendo has been adding new features and games that will be coming out later in the year. Referring to the photo, In 2020, scientist are stating that multitasking teens are “wired” differently than 35 year old and ends up being more helpful than what the world are saying about teens that are offensive and making teens behave differently due to this lack of trust. In 20 years, I can predict that phones will be flat screen and the battery will never die, computers will be very light and will have internet everywhere, and video game consoles will be portable instead of being plugged in at home.

This is what i predict that phones will be like in 20 years.

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