Jordan Peele Makes Movie History

Jordan Peele’s movie Get Out became the first black writer-director to earn a hundred million dollars on a debut move. Get Out is a “social thriller” about a African American man, Chris, who goes with his white girlfriend for the weekend to meet her parents. As the weekend goes on, Chris realizes something is off and tries to discover exactly what is wrong with this family.

(Keegan-Michael Key/ Jordan Peele)

Get Out had the small budget of four million dollars and earned $30.5 million in the first weekend. Now, it has earned almost $140 million dollars. It premiered with a rare 100% rating on Rotten Tomatoes but moved down to 99% after receiving one bad review. This movie has also earned Peele CinemaCon’s Director of the Year award.

Jordan Peele was formerly a writer and actor on the comedy sketch show Key and Peele and is a big fan of the horror genre. He crafts an extremely suspenseful atmosphere without using overused horror cliches; however, he shows his comedic side through the character Rod, who acts as the tension reliever and voice of reason through out the whole film. The tension is built not just through jump scares, but through real life examples of how Jordan Peele and many other black people are scared how they could be treated. The score of the movie fits each scene perfectly and helps make each scene even more suspenseful than the last.

Get Out isn’t just a thriller, but it also provides social commentary about race relations. “I wanted to make a movie that addressed the fact that we were not in a post racial world” Peele said in his Reddit AMA. This movie has been described as a “modern parable” and provides an extreme representation of racial conflict. Get Out is a great movie and it looks like the comedian turned director, Jordan Peele, can only go up from here.


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