Judah and The Lion’s New Album

Related imageThe band Judah and the lion came out with a new album Folk Hop N’ Roll there new album was released on, March 4,2016. The band Judah and The Lion are coming to the knitting factory in Boise Idaho, on April 9th on a Sunday. The tickets for the knitting factor show are between $35.00 to $52.00. The new album Folk Hop N’ has a hip-hop percussion, and has a fuzz bass , distorted banjo riffs, and huge melodies and is all wound up as a wide-ranging sound, into one big song. The band is an American alternative band, from Nashville, Tennessee. The band has made themselves very successful by building a huge fan base on the road. Without any help, they went from the ground up and they played 150 shows in 2015.

Their music is unique compared to others, with it’s hip hop and earthy tune in each song.  Also in 2015 the band came out with a show called “Akers Promises.” One of the band members said, “This record was made for the live show,” Akers promises. “Our shows are all about the experience we share with our fans. We know that people work everyday jobs or go to school, and they’re dealing with life, and yet they’re still choosing to spend the night with us. We don’t take that lightly. We give them an experience. We throw an absolute rage. And all the songs were made with that in mind. They’re fun, carefree, and youthful, and we live our lives that way, too.” The band gives all of their effort to make an outstanding show, to make your night the night of your life. All they want is to take your mind off of what is going on in your life and sing their songs like it’s your own and to sing your heart out. Their ticket prices for the show are very reasonable and they will blow your mind. 


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