Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

“The original Power Rangers” flickr

“Go go Power Rangers, mighty morphin power rangers”, The power rangers have been a staple of many kid’s childhoods. The original series first aired on Aug 28 1993,  introducing five teenagers with attitude and instantaneously became an iconic part of 90’s culture. Twenty two complete seasons, one still currently going, and four movies later, the power rangers are up for a new reboot and what comes with that you might ask, why new suits of course!

Through out all of the twenty four seasons and four different movies the Rangers usually have a few things that remain the same, such as roster which consists of the 6 main rangers  (red, blue, yellow, pink, black, green) their “Zords” (big robots that each rangers rides around and fights in) but all though there is a main cast of rangers their designs change as well as their Zords. The same is no different for the new Power Rangers movie.

The new Power Rangers movie is based on the original 1993 series with the same versions of the Rangers and there Zords but because of the shift from a more mystical version to a more sci-fi geared version the Rangers and Zords. The very first thing you might notice is the difference the original skin tight spandex suits and the very iron man looking combat suits.  Another comparison with iron man is the glowing core on the chest replacing the old white symbol. The new suits also is more sparkly than the original. There Zords also received an upgraded looking more akin to the sci-fi goal it’s looking for.

Despite all of the changes the new movie keeps whats important to the series, six colored Rangers, six awesome robots and the bonds that will last a life time made on the journey against evil.

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