Noelle Trammelle-Stone Wins 1st in National History Day

NHDtheme2Each year, a local student, Noelle Trammelle-Stone, competes in National History Day. Noelle Trammelle- Stone is a sophomore that attends Liberty Charter School. She has participated in 2 school plays and was very involved in them. Noelle is a great worker and she is always helping in school events like the back to school bash and movie nights her class has hosted. Whatever is going on at the time Noelle is always there to help.

For 4 years, Noelle has been participating in National History Day and has been very successful. She has com
peted at the high school level for 2 years. Last year as a freshman Noelle got 1st in her region in Idaho, she went to state and got 2nd place. She did a presentation on Lewis and Clark and a lot of work went into it. “I asked my teachers if if I could present in front of the class… that was my main way of practicing. Also I had one my teachers interview me and ask me questions when I was done to emulate the actual competition.”  Because her presentation was so good and she placed 2nd in the entire state Noelle won 10,000 dollars of scholarship money for the College of Idaho. Since Noelle got 2nd place she had the opportunity to travel to Washington DC.

For this year as a sophomore, Noelle is doing her presentation on the “Night Witches” of Russia who were a group of women who had a long and hard journey of getting to actually be able to fight in the war because of their gender. When they did, the women were game changers.  They were called night witches because they would go on night bombing raids and took multiple steps on being stealthy as possible.

When Noelle performs her presentation, you can tell that a lot of hard work went into it. Including researching, writing, memorizing, and lots and lots of practice. This year, Noelle has done the same process as far as practice with presenting in front of her classes. But the whole process is very long and take a lot of effort. “I would say that the researching is the longest part because you have to know all the details to put it all into the work.”

This last weekend, March 18th, Noelle competed in her region. The regional level is an area just in Idaho and is the smallest level. Noelle got first! This means that Noelle straight to state and she is hoping to place very well because of her experience placing second place as a freshman.

Noelle has worked very hard on competing in National History Day and has been very successful in the past, she performs on April 15th in state this year and she definitely deserves to place in state again and get more scholarship money and go to DC.






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