Old Show Brought Back To Life


https://www.flickr.com/photos/thirtysixmillion/8167738116 (Jason Chamberlain)

In December of 2016, the show Samurai jack was announced to have a brand new season in March. This was shocking to many as the show ended on the fourth season in 2004. Its been nearly thirteen years since the last episode. The many original fans of this show have now grown quite a bit, this did not go unnoticed by the creators. Samurai jack is now on adult swim. Few were skeptical of this choice because of the childhood memories of the show. But bringing a new light to the show could help the overall rating.

Samurai Jack is a story of a man who gets transported by a demon to the future where the demon rules. He trains and fights off evil as he tries to find a way back to the past. Spoiler alert, in the four seasons of the show he never makes it back to the past. Aku, The shogun of sorrow,  that sent Jack to the future, is the ruler of the new generation and continually sends hench-men after Jack to defeat him.The show aired for four years and was successful, however. Now that the show has been revamped and edited its darker and more beautiful than ever.

The first new episode, XCII, aired on the 11th of March. It showed Jack after 50 years in this new time. Jack’s age has not been affected by the time hes been here, however; he has become more rugged and mentally affected by the time that has past. The show now seems to be focusing more on the mental and physical journey of our favorite samurai. With the show’s new rating, it allows for a more grittier  setting, but as the first episode proves, It won’t be all about the tragedy’s. The villain was lighthearted and provided some much needed relief from the episode

The creator Genndy Tartakovsky is the brilliant creator of this series. He combined the action packed samurai with the explosive future to create a great show. He worked  incredibly hard on the show on his efforts paid off. His past in the television and movies has definitely helped in his endeavors. He has worked on Hotel Transylvania and Star Wars the Clone Wars, but Samurai Jack was always very prominent in his life. “Anywhere that I spoke or wherever I made an appearance, the first question was always about Samurai Jack,” the animator says. “It’s like a pyramid scheme: People started to find it more and more, and it kept growing from word of mouth. It just wouldn’t die.”  The show was left unfinished in 2004 and left the fans waiting for a conclusion about what had happened to Jack.  This new season is just the thing fans need to get conclusion they wanted.



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