The KND TV Show Might Come Back

The TV show “Codename The Kids Next Door”, a cartoon series about kids being in a secret agency to fight adult tyranny, had aired in December 06, 2002. The show featured a troop of five kids next door operatives, with operative numbers one through five. The troop would often fight adults who wanted to make the world a paradise for all adults. The show had a decent run while being on the Cartoon Network channel until series ended on  August 8, 2006.

“Codename Kids Next Door” was pitched to cartoon network by animator Tom Warburton after doing a failed pilot episode for a series called “Kenny and the Chimp”. The episode was called “Diseasy Does It” and featured a kid named Kenny and his pet Chimp, which always gets into trouble, some of the episodes featured a rag tag group of kids who would always get into trouble. After kenny and the chimp did not  get green lit, Warburton decided to focus on the group of children and thus, “Codename Kids Next Door” was green lit by Cartoon Network. However, the show was green lit by the audience, Cartoon Network decided to put he pilot episode for “Codename Kids Next Door” against other producers in a competition for which pilots would become a new Cartoon Network series. The competition was decided by the audience, which got to vote through phone calls and emails. Warburton said in an interview “i had to find out if my show had won like all the other viewers, i had to wait for the results by finding out on air”.

After “Codename Kids Next Door” had finished its four year run the series had six seasons and 74 episodes with 141 segments, meaning each episode usually had two short stories. Later, in 2015 he shows creator Tom Warburton, had put together a website that would loop the “Rainbow Monkeys” theme song over and over. Following up with the website Warburton made a support page where if the show got enough support he would pitch the series “Galactic Kids Next Door”, which featured the group of kids in their teens. However on the “Rainbow Monkey” themed website, the nose on the monkey could be clicked and the web page would ask for a code to put in. If the code was entered correctly then the webpage would play a video of a trailer for the “Galactic Kids Next Door”.

Now, the “Galactic Kids Next Door” support website has 91,508 out of the wanted 105,00 supporters, the page is posted on where the many fans of the “Codename Kids Next Door” may vote for their favorite show to come back.

Kids Next Door operatives 1-5, source: Cartoon Network

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