A landslide in Ethiopia's capital, Addis Ababa's landfill has caused many to be buried in the trash and making people lose homes and loved ones. Ethiopia has the fastest growing economy in Africa. The landfill is in the outskirts of Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa's. This land fill is the first and oldest in the nation.... Continue Reading →


If you were a high school athlete, chances are your goal was to play sports in college. If you did play for your college, you probably made that decision to play in your junior or senior year of high school. Unfortunately, the number of kids who recruit early is shooting through the roof, and to... Continue Reading →

From New York Times article, Washington states "As Syrian Fighters backed by the United States close in on Raqqa, some of the Islamic State's Leaders  have fled their self-declared capital and are planning to carry on the fight other sanctuaries in Syria and Iraq." American Defense Officials say that there are still an estimated 3,000... Continue Reading →

Jordan Peele's movie Get Out became the first black writer-director to earn a hundred million dollars on a debut move. Get Out is a "social thriller" about a African American man, Chris, who goes with his white girlfriend for the weekend to meet her parents. As the weekend goes on, Chris realizes something is off and... Continue Reading →

The band Judah and the lion came out with a new album Folk Hop N' Roll there new album was released on, March 4,2016. The band Judah and The Lion are coming to the knitting factory in Boise Idaho, on April 9th on a Sunday. The tickets for the knitting factor show are between $35.00 to $52.00.... Continue Reading →

Is your blood type CheetO? Are you huffing and puffing by the time you reach the second flight of stairs? When standing straight can you see your toes? Are you parking close the store just so you won`t be tired before you even go in? Most likely a lot of you answered yes to these... Continue Reading →

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