Inspiring Our People While Helping Our Veterans

In the year 2014 and in the month of September, Inspiring Our Heroes organization was established by a Veteran himself, Daniel Klaasse. Inspiring Our Heroes or also for short IOH is a nonprofit organization. This organization has had a primary focus on what they say is a “gap” of the needs of Veteran to the services that are available for them specifically. Inspiring Our Heroes mission is to help these Veterans exceed and grow with the unique traits that they have acquired or are born with it. Most of these Veterans are ones who are on active duty and are ready at any given minute to go serve for our country especially with the terrorists that have attacked our country. These attacks that have been increased over the past years. Our veterans are going out and risking their life to keep us save and not be under threat. Inspiring Our Heroes wants the rest of the country to help these veterans as well no matter their take on politics and certain issues that people have or even if they are against war. The organization just wants to assist these men and women that stand for us and protect us. They have also helped the homeless Veterans and work another organization in Michigan where there is house for homeless Veterans. Inspiring Our Heroes volunteers came to this home to help and bond with these Veterans who needed it.

They have been fortunate and have kept running and completing their mission due to the great help that has been provided by their amazing team and organization that have helped fund them incredibly. Most of the success of Inspiring Our Heroes has come from the leader of the whole entire organization and he has been a great influence and promoter of these Veterans.

The President’s message: “When you as a Veteran recruit through boot camp, boot camp knocks you down until you hit rock bottom, so you can then be built up stronger. Think of PTSD in the same perspective. PTSD will knock you down until you hit rock bottom, but with the right nurturing inspiration, you can build your self up that much stronger. You are now full of strength, wisdom, courage, and experience.

It is crucially urgent that we teach Veterans to harness their PTSD for something greater than the vary limitations it has scheduled to restrain on each Veterans moral. What this means is, I have learned to allow PTSD to become a friend, a mentor, a strength, a foundation of yet many more great things to come, and most of all, an inspiration to become more than just a Veteran with PTSD. A common wealth of knowledge and inspirational wisdom. To become a light, a model, and an example, not just a statistic. I for one know what it’s like to be hungry, this is personally my mission.
Inspiring Our Heroes focuses on the proactive approach in recognizing the symptoms and helping the Veteran prior to any catastrophic event. Other organizations primary focus is to step in after the Veteran has suffered a catastrophic events. At Inspiring Our Heroes, we believe it is imperative to help our heroes work through the horrific events that they have lived through during times of combat, help them to live happy healthier lives, and help them realize that America is grateful for our freedom and their sacrifices they have lived through to bring us to this point.” …Daniel Klaasse
You can be involved simply by donating to the organization or fancy enough shopping! They have a small variety of t-shirts and hats and different clothing items that you can purchase and have all the money go to the organization. If choosing to do a donation and it’s more than eighteen dollars then you are able to receive a handmade bracelet. If you don’t want to be in the money aspect of it then you are able to volunteer and all it takes to do is an email. They do look for volunteers for specific programs that would most greatly help these veterans.

You can get more information by going to the inspiring our heroes website. There is contact information for the president also of the organization, Daniel Klassse. If you don’t feel like calling you can always send an email instead.

This organization is doing amazing and it is continuing to grow and it has a lot of room to considering that it is a young organization. But helping out Veterans is extremely important and one person can’t change everything, but one person can lead everyone to help make the change

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