American Cancer Society Goes for the Finish

  American Flag   

                 “COMPASSION is what we’re made of. DETERMINATION, a little goes a long way. GENEROSITY keeps us going.” This is what the American cancer society is about. This foundation helps to set up all kinds of events to raise money and awareness for all types of cancers. This society is grounded on finding a cure. The help most of the money that goes toward this cause.

       The American Cancer society was founded over 100 years ago, in 1913 by ten doctors and five laypeople in New York. This company used to be called American Society for the Control of Cancer (ASCC). The founders of the company knew that if they could get solid information that the treatment for some cancers, people would start to know about it and donate some money. The society worked side by side with some of the smartest doctors from all around the world, seeing who would come and work.  The company worked their way to the top, and now they are. The company had made it to the top, but they did not have a logo so nobody officially knew what they were. The company has a sword as a logo, and this sword stands for: CONTEMPORARY, POWERFUL, AND COHESIVE ENTITY. The company has a one of the most impactful influences on this movement to cure cancer.

           The company has invested over $4.5 billion for cancer research. The company states, “This is all to find more-and better- treatments, uncover factors that may cause cancer, and improve cancer patients’ quality of life.” This is to help the annual cancer rate to stop growing. The rate is up to almost 600,000 people, close to 1500 people per day. This company is fighting to help all these people have a chance.

           The society has multiple fundraising events throughout the year. These events rotate from city to city, so there will always be some type of event going on. To take part in these events, go to and find the tab that says, “GET INVOLVED”. You can help by volunteering, donating, or fundraising. There is no age limit. Everyone is encouraged to participate in these events.

        Some of the events that the foundation puts on are: Global Relay for Life, World Cancer Day, Helping Save Lives Globally, Understanding the Global Cancer Burden,

The Global Relay for Life is a world-wide event. This event raised over $80 million that went to the research fund. The World Cancer day is every February 4th, the world acknowledges the sickness that is called Cancer. The Helping Save Lives Globally Even was the first event the society ever launched. This event focuses rising awareness about: preventing cancer, saving lives, diminishing suffering, catalyzing a local response in the countries where we work ,and shaping the global policy agenda. The last event was called Understanding the Global Cancer Burden. The research has to rapidly increase because the cancer burden is expected to increase to 19.3 million people. The increase will increase mostly in low-income countries. The way to get in contact is to call Cancer Helpline. The number is 800. 227.2345. this helpline is available every minute of every day.

           All of these events has its own, individual cause. Each event highlights a different side of cancer.  

           This company welcomes each and every person as one of their own. An anonymous person says. “Each person is family, each person has a story that affects our family, we don’t want family to suffer, to go through anything alone, this is why we fight.”

         On this site, there are videos of little teenagers who have helped fund cancer. They did not donate a million dollars, they simply donated $100. They also just went into the community and helped at the local hospitals. You do not have to be a millionaire, all you should be is willing. Willing to put out some time and go cheer up some people who are going through some hard times.

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