Two Orphanages in Northern Thailand Changing the Future for the Better

Two houses, one mission, and changing the future of Thailand little by little. Khaodee Church and Children’s home, and House of faith are two extremely fascinating orphanages that want to better children for their future.

House of Faith is a partnership through Reacts Ministries and is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. House of Faith’s purpose is to “share God’s grace to underprivileged children in Thailand. [House of Faith] will provide food, shelter, and a good education to children in our care.” There are eleven children in the home right now, all under the age of twelve. The head of the house is Pastor Yola Morpogoo (goes by P. Yo). P. Yo is extremely passionate about providing children with this type of opportunity as he was provided with a similar one through Khaodee children’s home. Yo grew up in a hill tribe of Myanmar and at age fifteen started at Khaodee. Here he became a Christian and went on to college. Yo graduated from Seminary in 2013 and now runs House of Faith, along with the help of many other staff members.

Khaodee Church and Children’s home consists, right now, of 100 kids who range in ages from five to twenty-one years old. Bringing in children from the poorest hill tribes in Chiang Rai, Khaodee strives to feed and give an education to all the children…” Khaodee was started over ten years ago by Pastor Simoon Chaiwangyen, a young orphan had approached him and told if him that if he was a Christian, then he would be able to take care of him and provide for him. Then the story began, and after many years of abundance and faith, the orphanage has grown and provided hundreds of kids with the chance of education beyond high school, a stronger faith, and a passion for serving. Khaodee is not like a normal orphanage, in the sense that while the kids attend school, they stay there while school is in session, and when long school breaks happen, if they are able and safe, they go home to spend time with their families.

This summer in July of 2016, I was called to be a part of the next mission trip to Thailand, hosted through Reacts ministries. We were called the Idaho-Thailand team and served at the two homes for two weeks. Our team consisted of 26 team members, and in the homes, we helped cook three meals per day, clean, teach basic English to the college students, and help build a stronger foundation of their relationship with God. It was amazing to see how hard these kids work, and how they find joy in the simplest and tiniest of things. Believe me when I say how lucky we are in America. We take many things for granted, when to one of these children, it would mean the world to them.

Many of the kids that are in the homes come from surrounding hill tribes. The tribes are high in the mountains of Thailand, and some are involved in the use of Opium. Thailand is in an extremely popular area where the use of Opium and sale of it are more common than other areas of the world. Kids can be coming from a household that deals with drug abuse, or one that sales drugs, either way it is a dangerous situation, that they need to get out of, and orphanages like Khaodee and House of Faith provide the opportunity of getting out of an unhealthy house hold. Others come from homes suffering physical abuse, and many similar situations, while some come from homes are unable to afford for them to go to school, and it is cheaper to send them to a home. These orphanages want to provide a safe place for these children, to make them feel loved, and have a more stable environment.

        You may be asking yourself, what can I do to help? Running these homes has no little fee, and cost up to 2,000 dollars a month. This includes pay for all staff, food, electric and internet bills, and many other things. You can donate here (insert link) to help provide. Every little bit counts. There are also annual mission trips, to these orphanages, which enables you to have one on one time with the children, and the opportunity of a lifetime.

A great cause, House of Faith and Khaodee church and children’s home enables a great opportunity for many children. Here they learn many things, are provided with education, meals, and great community. It’s a great cause, which I wholeheartedly believe can change children’s lives, who will be ready to lead Thailand’s next generation.

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