For decades, the medical industry has been trying to find a cure for one of the deadliest diseases known to man. A disease that has killed more people than any other disease in history. Cancer. The word alone is enough to strike fear in the hearts of people all across the world. To date, no... Continue Reading →


Boise’s Got Faith is an annual fun run that sponsors children with cancer. All the proceeds go to the children’s fight against cancer. This year, Boise’s Got Faith sponsored two kids. The kids are Ryan Crawford and Lily King. Ryan is a five year old who suffers from a pediatric brain cancer. Each year the... Continue Reading →

A Bright Future

Imagine the world twenty years from now. if technology continues to advance at the rate it has the results will be amazing. Possible future inventions that could be available to the public are almost full glass curved edge phones with great video and camera. And even cooler maybe even wireless charging from a distance. There... Continue Reading →

Liberty Charter Basketball Boys suffer from a tough loss 61-56 against Cole Valley Christian.

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