The Animal Welfare Institution is an organization that protects animals and wildlife from suffering that humans put them through. To help alleviate these animals from the suffering, the Animal Welfare Institution has some goals: to end animal testing in labs and factories, to no longer have the use of steel- jaw traps, and to protect endangered and on- the- verge- of- extinct animal species.

The Animal Welfare Institute was originally founded in 1951 by Christine Stevens. One of the biggest reason or goal this organization was founded and put into action was to confront the issue of animals being tested in laboratories. The Animal Welfare Institute recognizes the reality of of animal testing in labs being a major issue, and it definitely is. 100 million different animals die each year, including: mice, rats, frogs, dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, monkeys, fish, and birds killed in the United States labs each year from scientific testing in labs. (  According to the Animal Welfare Institute, they strongly believe in the “3 R’s.” “Replacement of animals in research with alternatives, reduction in the number of animals used in experiments, and refinement of the care and treatment of the animals who continue to be used in research, testing, and education.” In response to  this horrible reality of the animals being tested inside labs, a large portion of the Animal Welfare Institute’s focus goes to the enforcement of the Animal Welfare Act. The Animal Welfare Act sets minimum standards for care that needs to be given to domesticated animals. These rules include sanitation, water, food, etc., and this rule applies to dealers, breeders, owners, handlers, and research labs. This is definitely a step in the right direction towards alleviating sufferage among animals and takes care of a large percentage of the animal testing environments, conditions and laboratories.

Another area where the Animal Welfare Institute fights to help the suffering of animals is to end the use of steel jaw traps. Normally there are 3-5 million animals captured and killed by trappers and their steel jaw traps. A steel jaw trap is contraption with 2 jaws with a pan in the middle and when set off, the jaws will contract and body parts will be trapped. While this is a very big advantage from the trapper’s point of view, because of the convenience of not having to be there, the animal is in excruciating pain and major fear and stress is invloved.



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