Boise’s Got Faith

Boise’s Got Faith is an annual fun run that sponsors children with cancer. All the proceeds go to the children’s fight against cancer. This year, Boise’s Got Faith sponsored two kids. The kids are Ryan Crawford and Lily King. Ryan is a five year old who suffers from a pediatric brain cancer.

Each year the event has a silent auction, activities for kids, lunch from Famous Dave’s, a one-mile race for kids, and a 5k race. The activities for the kids are based off the former and current sponsored children’s interest. Some of them are a cake pop station, arts and crafts, spin art, and princesses walking around taking pictures.

The organization was formed in 2012 when Ryan Sterns found out that his niece, Faith Canfield, had lymphocytic leukemia. Since then, Boise’s Got Faith has sponsored a total of 10 kids.

All the profits of this fundraiser go to the families fighting cancer. Sponsors cover all the costs from rentals, to lunch for everyone, to the race t-shirts. “Even when a family has health insurance, there are other expenses that aren’t covered — hotel stays, meals away from home, travel to and from treatment, babysitting for other siblings — all of these things that compound their financial burden,” Ryan Sterns says about what the money goes to. As of this point after the 6th year, they have raised over $250,000 for the families.

Sadly, money cannot always fix everything. Despite the amazing efforts to raise money from Boise’s Got Faith, 2 of the children sponsored have passed away. However, the Boise’s Got Faith team continues to show support to the families of the children.

Despite poor weather, there was still a great turnout at this year’s event. Almost 100 people came out to the fun run this year. It raised over $53,000 for Ryan and Lily.

Being at this event was amazing to see all the people coming out for the sole purpose of helping people. I volunteered at this event for the second year, and yet again, it was visible that everyone truly wanted to help the children struggling with cancer. The compassion of these people was truly amazing to see.

This event is a great thing to support, and I highly suggest going out and supporting it next year. It does amazing things for the families supported by it, and it is an overwhelming thing to see all the people uniting for one cause.


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