Depression is a disorder that causes a feeling of loss of interest and sadness. Also depression is called major clinical depression it is also called a depressive disorder, it affects how you are feeling, how you act and think. Depression can lead to a huge amount of physical  and emotional problems. If experiencing depression you may have a hard time doing the activities you may normally do. Sometimes you may feel like life isn’t worth living. Depression can take a long time for treatment, but don’t leave now some people think counseling and medication is helpful. Medication and counseling doesn’t make it go away. It helps you so that you don’t have to do all the work it just makes you feel better faster, before you do it on your own. It makes it so its not so hard to compete with depression. Normally depression occurs many times in ones life but sometimes it only happens one time. Most symptoms for young children and teens occur all day and everyday the symptoms may include: sadness, not wanting to be alone , worried, using drugs or alcohol, aches and pains, being negative, doing self-harm, not wanting to go to school, or being underweight. And finally symptoms of being depressed for adults: Having physical pains, not wanting to go out or try new things, suicidal thinking, ( this symptom mostly occurs for older men) sometimes memory difficulties, and loss of appetite. Many people say the first step to treating depression is to face that you are suffering from depression. The second step to treating your disorder is to seek help. These two steps are the hardest steps to take if trying to help with your depression. The earlier you get help the easier it is to recover.


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