Student Activist Training

In California, there is a cause committed to training young leaders who will carry on the mission and vision of Common Cause. The young activist program allows young people the tools and resources to become better activists and advocates. They are creating a safe environment for young people to learn a knowledgeable foundation to be lifelong active in democracy.

 Every Summer, California Common Cause invests in bringing 30 students from across California to join the free student activist training. The training is three days long and covers how to organize advocacy best practices, how to run and win strategic campaigns. They also discuss how to improve our government and democracy which include, “getting dark money out of politics, increasing voter participation, holding lawmakers accountable, simplifying and modernizing the state initiative process, and promoting impartial and accessible media to support a healthy democracy.”(

The staff help work with and support common cause groups. They host campaigns to encourage young people in get involved. They host one-day training in the fall and winter throughout the campuses. They support the young men and women that would like to start campaigns to improve democracy. They host happy hours and networking mixers for young people to get to know each other and the program. This social cause host internships through the academic year and the summer.

A quote from a Student Activist herself, “ I went through this training as a student activist with a hope for the future, I have furthered this hope in myself as I saw it reflected in the eyes of my peers and in their community activism. The tools and skills that I have received during this weekend of workshops are things that I will now use to implement change in my community and strengthen the ties between myself, my community and the quest for equality.” – Ravanna Cantrall, Sophomore at Long Beach City College (

Their upcoming events are the 7th Annual Student Activist Training which is July 28th-30th at California State University in Sacramento. If you would like to get involved with this Student Activist Program you can donate online at You can pick which state or where you are internationally and I am sure they would be thankful for donations.


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